Lunch Dates + Birthday Dinner + Wine Bar!

Evening friends 🙂 , it is currently 10:20pm and I have an early circuit workout at the gym tomorrow so this is going to have to be quick!

Today for lunch Hubby and I decided to have a “lunch date” at the creek 🙂


We hiked down to the perfect little spot in the breezy shade, best lunch date ever! I brought leftovers, so I was pretty excited! This turkey sausage is super easy to make, cut it up, throw in a sauce pan and cook with organic BBQ sauce!


Hubby, always keeping hydrated!


I have been bringing watermelon to work everyday for the girls to snack on, a better choice then cookies or candy!


My Hubby’s coworker Evan does not make the same choices 🙁 But I still love him!


After work I quickly hustled over to my dear friend Carly’s house, to help her set up for our friend Jen’s birthday dinner. We decided to make it a festive Italian birthday dinner celebration. We cooked stuffed shells, Caesar salad, and French bread.

The Chefs


The decor






Carly is amazing. She came up with a quick and easy ice-cream cake!!! She layered the pan with cookies and cream ice-cream sandwiches, then topped with cool whip, and then sprinkled with Oreo pieces!! It was amazing!!!


After dinner we headed to the new wine bar in town called, Time In a Bottle.

1 054

It was a casual yet nice wine bar, very chill.

1 046

Hubby contemplated on what we should order, then Evan decided for all of us. Thanks Evan 🙂

1 052

I had two small glasses, first one was a Friends.Red.

1 058

Second one, which I didn’t finish was a Syrah. I like Syrah’s, but I have to work in the morning 🙂

1 059

Classic Bobbi face, one tired girl tonight!

1 062

Alright, time to hit the hay. I am getting excited about the weekend!! Only one more day until our romantic anniversary get-away!!!

If you have celebrated an anniversary share an event/gift that you treasured the most??

Nite Nite


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