Mission Inn Half Marathon Recap

So this past weekend Susie, Monica and I all ran an impromptu half marathon. I have done the Mission Inn Half Marathon before because it is local and I slacked on registering. I registered the day before… nothing like waiting til the last-minute!


Seeing as I have only run about 8 times since my HIM, I wasn’t sure I should do it, but I am a runner and I have been working out pretty much everyday since the HIM so I thought, “what the heck, we will treat it like a long run and just have fun!” So we did.

The best thing about the race is that it is only 20 minutes from my house and doesn’t start until 7am! So I got to eat a good size mini breakfast with whole wheat toast + PB + a banana + coffee!

We got to the race about 45 minutes early, picked our packets and headed for the start line.


As we were walking to the start line we met up with the OH SO BEAUTIFUL Monica from Run Eat Repeat. This is the second half marathon we have run together and we always have so much fun.


The course is pretty flat and the weather could not have been more perfect!!! The three of us chatted til about mile 9, where Susie had to walk due to a foot injury so Monica and I went ahead and finished strong!!


Susie finished a few minutes later and did awesome!!!


We did learn later that the course was about 12.4 miles (not a full half), but I’ll take it 🙂
Official Time 1:47 // Average pace 8:40 // Not bad for just a fun run!!

I loved the stress that was taken off from this race by doing it last minute! Now, I don’t recommend just anyone do a race last minute, especially a half marathon, but I knew my body could handle it.

I am kinda of getting antsy to do another one. I am thinking I might sign up for the The Temecula Half. Anyone local interested???

P.S. My Making the Cut Review will be posted this week so look out!! Plus I am starting another fun book, can’t wait to tell you about it!


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