Monday All Over Again

I am back to work today. It’s kind of like a Monday all over again, but I only have two days of work and then I am off again on Saturday 🙂

This morning’s workout consisted of cleaning the kitchen and our bedroom. I have been procrastinating on putting away the laundry Hubby did last Friday. You see Hubby does all of our laundry every Friday (I haven’t done it once since we have been married) and I put my clothes away after he is finished. For some reason it always takes me FOREVER to put my clothes away, so I end up having this huge pile on top of my dresser and then I get overwhelmed. So this morning I tackled the clothes pile and the pile of dishes. Now I feel much better and can breathe again 🙂


I was short on time this morning so I made a quick bowl of cereal.



I am sure I will be hungry in like five minutes! Tonight I will be hitting up my living room for some P90X have done only one video all week!! 

Question: What is the one chore you put off doing the most???


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