Good to be back

Tonight I found my Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps video so I decided to hit it up.I feel like I haven’t been doing so well with the P90X Plan I created for myself and tonight I decided if I want to see results I need to step it up a bit. The hardest thing for me to do is the eating plan, I think I really need to stick to it if I really want see results. So instead of just kind of following it, as of tomorrow I am back on. The video tonight kicked my butt and got me motivated.

For the first four weeks (Fat Shredder) the eating plan is as follows:

5 servings of protein

2 servings of dairy

1 serving of fruit (the hardest part)

2 servings of vegetables

1 serving of fat

1 carb

3 snacks

1 condiment 

I can’t tell you everything because that would be copyrighting, I think 🙂

As far as workouts I need to really stick to a plan and not mix it up as much because then I get all confused! So here is my weekly plan for the next three weeks.


Monday: Hot Yoga+  KB (instead of Kenpo)

Tuesday: Run + Shoulders, Arms, and AB Ripper

Wednesdays: Hot Yoga+ KB (or rest day)

Thursdays: Legs & Back, AB Ripper

Fridays: Run

Saturdays: Cycle + KB

Sundays: Core Synergetics + Run

Now I just need to stick to it. If I need to take a rest day in there, I so will!!! I will only do the Hot Yoga for two more weeks, because my 30 day pass runs out and then I will only go once a week.


Ok on to dinner…

Tonight we went to our “Thursday Night Group” annual pool party and it was wonderful! We sure know how to throw a potluck 😉


My dish 🙂 One amazing summer salad! Mixed greens+spinach+berries+goat cheese
+chopped walnuts..super good and super easy! 


My plate: Salad, Summer Salsa, Veggie Chips, and Celery and Hummus.


Bosco loved that he had friends to play with 🙂



Dad and Pup


The boys


Pool time!


The Girls


OOOOO I sure got in my baby fix 😉


Oh ya and tomorrow night we have another POOL party to go to…man life around here just never slows down 🙂 I sure love the RIDE!

Time to hit the hay, 5:30am Friday fun run!!!!!


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