More Ragnar Relay pics for your pleasure..enjoy! Thanks Ronni!



0049 0050
0051 0052

0053 0062

Loved this team name!

0095 0105

The Super Hero’s!

0109 0126

0129 0131


YES! Free Starbucks all day long!

0146 0149

I want to be here again 🙂


The finish was beautiful!!!


Oh I can’t wait to do another!


Today I had a EatWell Teriyaki Salmon Bowl from F&E


This is one of my favorite products that they sale! The teriyaki goes perfectly with the Salmon and I just love brown rice. I do wish that they had more veggies in the bowl.


I love my new water bottle 🙂


For my mid-morning snack I had the rest of my GM from earlier.


Free breakfast from Subway was just ok, but it was FREE!  I am not sure if it was, because they were making a ton of them or what. But I wasn’t too impressed. I will give it one more try before I make the final judgment. I did enjoy the coffee 🙂


Ok I am running out of time here, got to get back to work. I will have to announce last weeks winners later.

Question: If you could have your very own personal assistant what would you have them do for you?

I would have my personal assistant clean my house and bake for me 🙂