Motivated Monday!

“Monday is the key day of the week.”

Today was my teacher in service. Which meant a lot of meetings and major cleaning and organizing, I missed my students.

No run this morning, I am teaching AKB( aerobic kickboxing) tonight so I need all my energy.

I got off early which was nice, so I went to the Library and it was closed! I didn’t know today was a holiday, my bad. So I am at a local coffee shop that I used to go to all the time when I was in college. It’s so cute and quaint, brings up a lot of good memories. I am having an orange blossom tea, perfect for this fall weather.

Today’s lunch was spectacular! Sense I didn’t have to have lunch with my students I got to take my time and have something created from scratch. I have been seeing a lot of pitas out on the blog world lately, so I started with a whole wheat pita and went all out from there. I stuffed it with red pepper hummus, chicken, baby spinach, sweet potato, green olives, and tomatoes. The thing nearly fell apart on me, but it was worth the mess. On the side I had a few flax crisps with some light cheese, and a pretty peach. I thought all of this would fill me up, but an hour later I was hungry so I had some chocolate hemp milk. I still can’t get myself completely full after lunch. I hate being stuffed, but I hate not being satisfied!

I am working on my weight loss story today so stay tuned to walk in my shoes, two years ago!


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