My Family Does Tofu

So last night I headed over to my parents house to make them my favorite dinner. They have never had tofu or kale before!!! Since Hubby had an away basketball game it worked out perfect.

While we waited for the BBQ tofu and sweet potato to cook we enjoyed an appetizer of fresh Kale Chips. My parents both loved them 🙂 This whole dish was only $1!


I made them bbq tofu+cous cous+ sweet potatoes. My step Mom made spaghetti squash too, so I had a little of that as well. I haven’t  had spaghetti squash in forever!!! The whole meal was so delish!



The really liked the tofu and kale! I guess I am not the only crazy tofu eater in the family anymore 😉


I am off to work today, so weird that it is Wednesday…it is my Monday! For breakfast I went with simple this morning. Egg + Ezekiel Toast +1/2 an avocado.


Question: What is your favorite type of bread?

I am really digging the Ezekiel bread at the moment 🙂


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