New Goals for NHS

Hello Friends!

How’s your day going? Mine has been CRAZY! Nothing like being gone for 5 days and coming back to work with a bucket full of emails!! Overall the day flew by and I decided to come home to and take Bosco for a long walk instead of hitting the gym.

 As I mentioned last night I am working on some new things for NHS. I was really inspired this weekend on how I can be more creative and adventures here on my little blog. I mean I still want to write about food, fitness, and faith. But I want things to be more interactive and more informational.

 So I wrote down a few goals that I will be carrying out here in the upcoming weeks:

  1. More fitness tips-I think I have been so busy training and doing KB that I haven’t been able to share some at home videos and boot camps.
  2. Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes- I plan on doing at least one a week (BIG GOAL writing a book) .
  3. Bringing back Motivational Monday’s- you will get to participate, promise it will be fun!
  4. Date night ideas- I have decided to write a post each week about ideas to inspire everyone to get creative with your love life J
  5. Organizational/Finance tips-I think I have an eye for how to decorate and how to keep a budget.
  6. HUBBY Guest posts-I think my Husband is hilarious and he promised to posts more.  

 Not sure if these will be on any given day. But I plan on posting them in the afternoons replacing my Lunch time posts. I would love some of you to contribute as well. Do you have a great crock-pot recipe, a fun date night idea, a budget tip, any fitness advice, or any organization tips? EMAIL me!

 I do plan on keeping to my Morning and Evening posts about my life, but I want NHS to not just be about breakfast and dinner, but to be about LIFE. I always have so much to share and never feel like I have time to post about it all.

 Some future posts to look forward to:

Guide to making your own Holiday gifts
Blogging 101
Keeping your kitchen organized
Holiday Fitness Challenge
You’re Life Quote

See you tonight for dinner!