Golden Gate Bridge Run + Farewell Brunch

Sunday morning was the last and final get together for our Foodbuzz fest. It was like we had been together for a week!! What could be better then a Farewell Brunch?! But before we hit up the brunch Monica and I went for a 12.8 mile run in the rain!!!! You can check out her AWESOME post here.


I have always wanted to run across the Golden Gate Bridge! What an adventure. See this video to see what our run entailed.

After our crazy adventure it was time to EAT!!!!



There was all kinds of delicious and fancy breakfast items at the buffet. I filled up my plate and enjoyed every bite. I went back for seconds!!!


Maura also shared Gina’s famous macaroons with me!! Oh my goodness, Gina needs to sale these!!! I would never have believed that they were RAW!!!


I was sad to leave the roomies, but I am sure we will all see each other very soon. Vegas, Arizona, or Florida?!!!


I also had to snap a picture with Kaitlin, one of my favorites!


Melissa, Emily, and I headed home on Sunday for a 8 hour road trip. Nothing like a road trip with three chatty girls to make the time fly by!!!!