Good EARLY morning friends! I woke up at 2am AGAIN this morning and tossed and turned until I decided to roll out of bed at 4:30am and try and sleep on the couch. Well no luck there either, I did this last week as well…RRRR!

Oh well instead of going for a run this morning I will have to hit up my gym for some Kickboxing tonight :)  When I did get off the couch I caught up on some much needed email clearing and other things sitting on my to-do list, so at least I might be tired today, but will feel super ACCOMPLISHED!

For breakfast I made some Re-Heated Oats.

Picture 221

This was my first time attempting reheating my oats and it wasn’t all that bad, definitely great for mornings you might not feel like cooking 🙂

Picture 222

I topped my Oats off with 1/2 nanner, a little Brown Sugar, and 1/8 Honest Foods Maple Almond Crunch bar! 

Picture 219

I also made a GIANT mug of Coffee!!!

Picture 225 Picture 224


Something NEW

Erin and I have started something new together this year and I am super excited about it! We are going to choose one verse from the Bible every week to try and memorize! This is something I have always tried to do in the past, but never seem to follow through! With the accountability of a friend I hope that it HELPS! I have posted the verse on the
side bar—>>>> so if you care to join please do so!


In other news I just got my laptop fixed!! Thanks to the wonderful IT guy at work and got all my NY’s pictures back 🙂 So excited to share with you all. I will have a fun lunch post of them all so stay tuned….


Seven Hopes United is giving NHS readers a coupon code that you can use through this month!!!  What is Seven Hopes United? It is an Online Fair Trade Retail Store for those committed to improving the lives of our brothers & sisters across the world. Check out their About Us page or FAQ to read more about Fair Trade and the tremendous impact it can have on disadvantaged producers worldwide.

Just enter the coupon code "NHERSHOES" at checkout to receive $5 off your order 🙂 The coupon is good for one month starting today January 5, 2010 – February 5, 2010.


See you all soon, AWAKE I hope!


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