O’ Happy Day!

Oh I could not be more excited it’s the weekend! I love Fridays, and today we have a field trip to the apple orchards! I had planned on waking up at 5:30 and going for a nice run, but sadly my alarm never went off:( So I rolled out of bed at 6:30 and decided I will have to do some kickboxing after work. But I am totally bummed I didn’t run.

Before we headed out the door last night I made some yummy Asian chicken (dream dinners). It had white rice, which I try and stay away from but I had a little and made a salad to go along with it. I was hungry again at our study so I had a little popcorn and sugar free hot apple cider. We got to sit around a bond fire again last night at our study and it was the perfect weather for it!
Last night was our last night of OMTL. We all talked about how it has impacted our lives or if it’s impacted our lives at all. For those of you who don’t know the OMTL study is a study on what you would do if you had one month to live. Would you love more, be more intentional, take risks, and live enthusiastically? Those are some of the big questions in the book. What I took away from the book were some good concepts, that by nature are hard to practice. I think that I have always had the mindset of living as though this is the last day of my life everyday. So I have a lot more 30 days to live out! What I mostly learned is that I should continue to challenge myself to live with passion and full of love everyday!

I need to take a couple sentences to share something with all of you. I had an epiphany last night. A light ball go off in my little head. As we were sitting around the campfire last night I looked around at my group and I got goosebumps. Not because of anything bad, but because of something beautiful, my life, I just thought about how happy I am with all the little areas of it right now. There isn’t a second of my time that is waisted with silly things, most everything that I am doing right now is purposeful and meaningful. I as a person am so far from being perfect, but my life right now is planned out in such away that it paints a beautiful masterpiece of God’s glory. I know that once in a while I have to remember how blessed I am so that I can help others find their happiness as well, I too often get caught up with stupid stresses and worry, but right now I am happy and full of Joy. I only hope to spread that happiness and joy to everyone I come in contact with, everyone! Are you happy with all the little areas of your life, is there things you can change?

OK back to the morning. I wasn’t feeling to hungry because when I woke up my tummy hurt. I made a small bowl of mixed cereal. Kashi Flax, and FiberOne Honey Grahams with some hemp milk and half a banana. I also had some coffee of course with some Silk creamer (which I am lovin).
Have a HAPPY Friday everyone!!!


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