To Cut or NOT to Cut?

Woke up this morning with a food hangover:( Last night was ladies Bunco, a blast but too much of a good thing sometimes hurts the tummy. I will be going to kickboxing this morning to work it all off! We had a spread of soup and salad, a relief because I was afraid I was going to be choosing from lots of casserole dishes. They had lots of different salads and I went with a strawberry fields salad, and a bowl of corn chowder to start with. I wanted to try all the soups, because they all looked so Delicious. I wish they would have had little shot glasses so we could taste them all! 🙂 The corn chowder wasn’t my favorite so I went back and got a bowl of the taco soup, much better. To drink I had some sugar free cider, it completed my meal. We also had some delightful dessert bites, and for “some reason”I was craving me some sweets. This is where I went overboard.
I also went to Oak Glen yesterday with my class. We did a little tour of Riley’s Farm, and picked some pears. The children loved it! They heard stories of old and got to play with old games that the children would play on the farm. Not as interactive as we would have liked but we got out of the classroom. When we got back I went on my break to the bank and had a little accident. I was pulling out of this teeny tiny parking lot that the bank has, and another car was pulling out at the same time, we ran right into each other. AWWWW! It was an accident on both our parts, I have never been in any type of accident and either had he so we had no idea what to do. So we exchange info, no damage to my car, and he went on his way. This is never a good thing to happen on a Friday or on my break. Nevertheless I decided that it wouldn’t routine my day. Well apparently I was wearing it on my face, because as the children were getting picked up from school the parents were saying that the field trip wiped me out too. I hate when I already feel pooped, I have someone remind me of it…lol… I almost didn’t go to Bunco night, because I was so tired from the day, from the week. I used every piece of energy I had, pulled myself together and went. Bunco/Silent Auction night was fun. Besides just having dinner and playing bunco we had a silent auction. I walked around placing my bids, a little worried I might have bid on too much. But at the end I ended up spending as much as I wanted and got; jewelry,picture frames,gift certificate to a hair salon(almost got out bid a couple times),an aromatherapy basket, and more! It was a successful evening.

So I have this delima I want to chop off my hair but I am worried that I am going to hate it. I love my long hair but it’s driving me crazy. Hubby does not want change, he loves it but he said he knows he will like it either way. I have such an active lifestyle that it makes more sense to have a manageable haircut, and I also just want something different. I have had my hair short when I was a freshman in college, and I loved it but I was 20lbs heavier so it made my face look chubby. I think it would look better now. I know there is a lot of maintenance to be done with short hair but I am ready for the challenge here are a few cuts I am thinking about, what do you think?

This girl was at the farm yesterday,
I loved her hair and asked if I could take a she won’t mind I posting it.

My Long Hair NOW!

I will be playing softball, running around town, and taking my lil’ bro to homecoming tonight awww:) Then resting I have a sprint TRI tomorrow, I am kinda nerviouse because I haven’t run ALL week, just kickboxing and buso ball…well wish me luck:)


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