Oh Cooking How I Miss You

I miss cooking. We still don’t have AC..long story.. So the last thing I want to is cook!! It’s killing my soul 🙁

At least I have AC at work and we get to have work meetings on the green!


And because I didn’t lose, I got to enjoy a Jones Soda Amy’s treat!!


The Icee was not mine, promise!!!

After work I did another PT session and taught bootcamp, it was awesome! Getting to know the boot campers a lot better and really feeling like such a great part of the team!!

Then I tackled a 12 mile bike ride up Sunset with two friends:) It was a gorgeous RIDE!

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Hubs and I just enjoyed some yummy Thai food from a local Thai House i was so hungry I forgot to take a pic, bad food blogger!!!

Ok I need to go to bed 5am bootcamp tomorrow+5:45+6:45 run+8am swim+9am teach bootcamp+work 8 hours!!!!!! I don’t know how I do it!!!! Lol

Night Night!


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