I made it friends!!! When I got home after work I tried to take a nap before dinner, but my body doesn’t take naps no matter HOW TIRED I am! So I went straight to the kitchen and made dinner. I don’t believe I have mentioned that Hubby and I have a co-worker/friend staying with us until March. His name is Zach and he is GREAT!

In planning dinner tonight I realized we only had one piece of chicken for the three of us. I thought to myself, how can I do this?? So I took the one chicken breast that we had and….

Picture 049

…flattened it with a mallet( picture below grosses me out!!!). I managed to make the chicken triple the size it was before! 

Picture 050

I grilled it up with some McCormick Seasoning, Lime and EVOO! This was so quick and easy and probably some of the best TACOS I have ever made. 

On top of my whole wheat tortilla I added chicken, black beans, avocado (thanks D) and Fage.  Normally I could eat two of these babies but my exhaustion has left me with a small appetite.

Picture 052

Bosco sat on my lap the entire time I ate, I guess he missed me or something?!

Picture 053


Check out this cool refrigerator I saw online! What a fun way to place reminders and I am sure if we had kids they would love it to!!


Boys are doing the dishes and I am off to eat a little of my frozen yogurt from last night and the CRASH!!! I hope that I will catch up on my zzz’s so I can get up and do some Jillian No More Trouble Zones!

So far two of my mini goals have been met this week, wonder what I shall try tomorrow???


Edited to add: Hubby’s famous vinegar chicken sighting!


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