Orangeman Triathlon

Sorry the news is a day late 🙂

But better late then never right?

So guess what I did?

I registered for a HALF IRONMAN!!!!!


A full Ironman is on my bucket list, but first I wanted to do a half 🙂 When I heard that there was an Orange County Triathlon (half ironman distance) this September I just knew I had to sign up. I know this will give me the motivation that I need to get out there running, swimming, and cycling.

What’s the distance of a half Ironman?

1.2 Mi. Swim//56 Mi. Bike//13.1 Mi. Run

So what’s the plan?

I researched a bit online and found the Amateur Endurance’s 16-week Half Ironman Training Plan which ironically is the same one Meghann found! Meghann is doing the Augusta Half Ironman the same day. I really wanted to do it with her and her Sis, but getting out to Georgia is not as easy as the OC 🙂

Here is a typical week of the plan:

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 12.43.22 PM.png

I have modified my weeks jus a little. I will still do kickboxing twice a week (as I teach the classes) and will hit up a Yoga class here and there!

Every week I will swim 2x’s, run 3x’s, bike 2x’s and do one day of strength training. I know these seems like a lot, but training for a half ironman is intense and I can’t wait for the challenge.

I am still working on writing out my whole plan and will be sure to post it this weekend as my training will start this MONDAY!!!!!


My Goals:

To finish! Yes I want to do well, but I am not training for speed. I want to feel strong through the race, knowing that I trained hard. I also really want to have FUN!!!

Question: Have you ever done a half Ironman? Would you ever like to do one, or a full Ironman??