I love it when I go through my closet and purge because I always find things that I have forgotten about!

Love this skirt. It is super comfy!!!

I always lay out my clothes the night before. It’s a routine that saves me so much time!!!


Some of you asked me how I have so much energy to do all that I do in a day?

So today I’ll try to start to answer this… try  🙂

Well first off when I teach bootcamp I don’t actually do the workouts. I train them (just like a PT session). Either way, it still is a mental workout for sure, but it gives me great joy to be helping others. I never find it exhausting.

For my HIM training, my two-a-days have been tough, but because I have a goal in mind it has pushed me through every workout. Honestly the key to me staying motivated is my mental state. I start the day in prayer and reading God’s word. It helps me focus on what the important things are in life!!! Getting wrapped up in the busyness of life is where one can get burnt out. Instead I’d really enjoying every moment.

Don’t get me wrong. I do get tired and at those moments I let my mind and body rest. Balance is key and I know some people think that my life is so busy, but honestly I do listen to my body and when I lose focus I stop reflect and get right back up!

We all have 24 hours in a day and we all have different priority lists. I choose to always put God, people, then myself on that list and from there life unfolds!

Keeping motivated will get easier if you stay consistent and have a goal in mind!

Today I challenge you to reflect on your priorities and maybe do some rearranging  🙂


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