Eat. Sleep. Run. Repeat.

This morning I taught a killer bootcamp + 4 mile run all before 7am !! It was so amazing to see another sunrise. I can’t tell you how much I grin when I see the sun come over the mountains. It’s better then sleeping in PROMISE!


Work was really stressful today. Nothing like coming back to a million emails and voicemails! But at least i have these two to keep me sane!


Today was GO GO GO!!!!!
5:30am : teach bootcamp
6:15-7am: run
8-4:30: work
5:30: teach bootcamp
6:30: Kettlebells
7:30: teach kickboxing
9:00: dinner ( forgot to take a pic! It was grilled eggplant, 2 eggs, on a salad ) yummy!

I promise I did eat in there somewhere!

I sweat like a man!!!


Now time to chill with hubby! I have another 4:30am wake up call, I am getting used to the early wake up time but not used to the early bed time 🙁

Look who has no problem falling right to sleep! Man I love them!


I leave you with this fun quote.




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