Resting and Truth

Sometimes I have to remind myself why I blog and what I want this blog to be for others, and for me personally. I started this blog 4 years ago, to jot down ideas about fitness and health and it has evolved into so much more! I don’t like to stress about the blog too much, because my ultimate desire is to inspire others to start a healthy lifestyle inside and out with no stress included. This is a healthy LIFESTYLE blog, not just fitness and food!

I am not gonna lie, sometimes it’s hard not to compare my little blog to bigger blogs out there and then I start to get discouraged and just want to quit. But I know that I need to focus on my blog for what it is and make it better and better one post at a time and have FUN!

I had a lot of fun doing the 21 day Crazy Sexy Challenge with you all and have pretty much have stuck to the lifestyle (except I added eggs and fish back in), but now I am in a blogger rut, just posting randomly (thanks for those who are still reading!). I feel like I have been unfair to you all and have not been putting in the effort that I want to put in. I want to give you some AWESOME posts to keep you inspired and motivated. So all this to say, there is some new stuff to come in this Fall.

  • More workout videos and Pins for Pinterest
  • Weekly Healthy Recipes (at least 1)
  • Organization tip of the week/DIY Ideas
  • Money saving Mondays.
  • Fashion Fridays will be back with a twist

Bloggers get in a rut, but we always come back to the drawing board and write down our goals. If you have been following NHS for a while, then you know I have changed some ideas on the blog and what I would like to write about here and there, but that’s the joy of it being my blog Winking smile

I love change, I love new ideas, I love being inspired, and I love sharing with all of you the joy of living a healthy lifestyle!

Now it’s time to enjoy our stay-cation for the next 5 days!! We will be in Palm Springs for one night and I will be resting, resting, resting, resting!!! This weekend I plan on spending some serious time on blogging.

Of to do nothing….

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