Running In the Cold

Good morning lovelies!

Today I am fasting from sweets as a part of my 30 day fast, not too hard since I can’t have them on the detox as well.

We eat primarily for pleasure, only if it tastes good and we like it. But many people eat for basic survival, unconcerned with the flavor, just as a necessity to fill the void in their stomachs. Choose to forgo desserts for the rest of the week in order to remind yourself that food was meant first for our nutrition and second for our enjoyment.

I like that concept, “food was meant first for our nutrition and second for our enjoyment.” I do think food is a great luxury and I am blessed to be able to try all kinds of different foods that God has provided. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for all in the world. Today as I fast from sweets I shall think of all that don’t have the choice of what food they get.


I woke up pretty hungry but I had to leave the house super early this morning to get to work early, so I made a to-go-bowl of Oats.

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oats+nanner+apples+honey+nuts= YUMMY! I also had a scoop of Barney Butter along with it.

My current drink of choice is Green Tea, not my favorite but it’s part of the cleansing.

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I had a comment yesterday about Oats having Gluten, I don’t believe they do and they are on the list of the things that I can eat on the detox. Anyone know the right answer out there?


I would like to share a little tip from one of my wonderful readers named  K. She left a great comment about cold weather running clothes, this one is for you Josh!

I live in a climate that gets pretty darn cold in the winter so here are a few cold weather tips that I’ve managed to learn:

– Good socks are a must! Wright Socks makes some good cold weather socks. I’ve stepped in a puddle of slush and been able to continue with my run without worrying about frostbite.

– LAYERS! Make sure the layer closest to your skin is made of technical "sweat wicking" fabric. There are some good sets of long underwear out there that are perfect (and you don’t necessarily have to spend the big bucks for the merino wool).

-LAYERS! Make sure your outer layer is wind proof. That cold wind will chill you to the bone no matter how hard you’re working.

– Nike makes some pretty good insulating tops, as do many other brands, check out the "cold weather" gear and see if you can get any on sale. I like things with hoods.

– a good toque (or ‘cap’ those who don’t speak Canadian) is really helpful as well. Something that covers your ears and wicks away the sweat from your head.

Cold weather running is actually kind of fun 🙂 There’s something really peaceful about running in the snow, and it is also fun to see the strange looks from non-runners when you’re out in the crazy weather. Good luck!

Question: Do you run in the cold? Any advice you have to share?


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