I loved reading all your wonderful comments about the Detox, I am learning soooo much! My Oats say Gluten free on the package so I think I am ok, but I might have to give up the Chocolate Silk and Barney Butter. There is no added sugar but there is Evaporated cane juice (which I am now learning is sugar). I love learning how to eat as CLEAN as possible, I know that my body is going to LOVE me for it.

I didn’t have as big of a headache today, but was SO CRAVING me some COFFEE. Some people asked about how much I drank before I started the Detox, I would say about 1-2 cups a day depending on the day.

On to lunch…

I enjoyed some super tastey Vegan Split Pea Soup, forgot how much I LOVED SPLIT PEA soup!

blog 111

Along with a Veggie Avocado Wrap made with a rice tortilla. Not sure about the rice tortillas… I added in some grapes and organic pinto beans.

blog 109

I had this apple on the side, but I am too FULL to eat it!

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And for my mid-morning snack I enjoyed some of my own trail mix, Puffins plus Mixed Unsalted Nuts.

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I can not believe how full I am right now, I am going to go for a walk before I return to work. I can’t wait for our Cross Country Meet this afternoon, GO RAVENS!

Anyone have a organic, salt free, gluten free split pea soup recipe or any other soup?


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