Running On 5 Hours

TGI (Almost) F!!!

There are so many reasons I am looking forward to the weekend; Hot Yoga, Christmas Movies, Shopping, Birthday Parties, Kickboxing, and REST!

Last night dinner was on the go, it’s always nice to have these on hand.

bobbi 100

I met up with the BFF’s to scrapbook but we ended up talking for hours instead, I love girl time. I stayed up way to late and had a hard time sleeping last night. There is just so much on my mind sometimes that it just won’t stop working even when I am asleep. I had to text my running buddies and let them know I wouldn’t make it this morning, which means I will have to workout when I get off work. Five hours of sleep is just not enough!

When I finally rolled out of bed I made myself a fun breakfast to make me smile :).  Pomegranate and Nanner Whole Wheat French toast!

bobbi 101

I also did my morning study through this wonderful new devotional! It’s such a great tool to help me remember what the season is all about as well on reflect on so many things in my life.

bobbi 103

I will make it through the day, might have to have a lot a cup of coffee to get me through it, but I will make it!


Finish Strong Series: Day 4

I got this wonderful recipe From the Beautiful Healthy Hostess

Here is an idea for your holiday treat!

Chocolate Covered Popcorn is the perfect treat!  It’s healthier than lots of treats, pretty and packages well, besides – it tastes great!

This super simple gift only takes three ingredients:

Air popped popcorn
Chocolate Almond Bark
White Almond Bark

*Pop 10-12 cups of popcorn with an air popper (or use butterless microwave popcorn)

*Melt 4 blocks of chocolate in the microwave and drizzle on the popped popcorn
Melt 2 blocks of white bark and drizzle on the chocolate popcorn.
Let cool, harden and dry.  Then package in clear bags with fun bows!
Share with the ones you love!




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