So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Oh man I haven’t stop going and going all day and I haven’t been tired, unbelievable! I was so busy tonight I almost forgot to BLOG! It’s been a very productive evening and I am glad to see it come to an end.


Hubby’s Vinegar Chicken+ Annie’s Mac and Cheese

bobbi 105

Plus a Pomegranate Salad

bobbi 106

After dinner I tackled this crazy mess!!

bobbi 104

Hubby and I are a little OCD so this has been driving us CRAZY!! When my brother moved out this summer he left a lot of stuff behind and we finally decided to tear through the closet and drawers and get it back to order!!! ( we so need new blinds).

bobbi 107

So much better….I can breathe NOW! I also have a friend coming over dear Miss. Melissa from Trying To Heal. She is home in CA for two weeks and we decided to have a girls night tomorrow filled with cooking, baking, Christmas movies and of course running!

While I cleaned up the guest room, Hubby organized the pantry.

bobbi 108 

I WILL RUN TOMORROW!! I can’t believe I haven’t run all week!! I know that this full week of rest from running is EXACTLY what my body needed. We have an early run so I need to get tucked in bed with my book reading for work and then call it a night!!

Night Friends!


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