Wow what a long day!! From early morning meetings to 5 mile walks I am pooped!

I know you are all sick of hearing me talk about SDRNR, but I am leaving tomorrow and I am so excited!! Even though I live in So Cal, San Diego is like a vacation to me. I am so fortunate to have friends that live there so that I can stay with them. I expect to eat some authentic Mexican food in Old Town(after the race of course) and enjoy a classic margarita! First stop will be a blogger dinner at the Trattoria Fantastica in Little Italy!

Tonight I walked and talked with my friend Melissa, it has become our Thursday night ritual. We walked 3 miles to Chipotle, and had dinner. I brought my own of course, it’s the last week of TSL!!

I enjoyed a White Bean Salad+WW Rice Sushi from TJ’s.



From Chipotle we walked 2.5 miles to our Thursday night group, where we learned all about becoming refreshed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I need to work on the rest part, I need to start truly having a Sabbath, a day of pure rest!!!

Ok I still haven’t packed and it’s 10:30pm the plan is to run an easy 3 miles  at 5;45am with Fast Jill, and then pack until I have to go to work!!

Good Night Friends!

See you manana


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