Sometimes a Little Shopping is the Best Medicine

Tonight did not pan out the way I planned.

Normally Hubby and I head to Thursday Night Group and I also planned on getting some strength training in. Well that didn’t happen!

My friend Jack needed a friend to go shopping with and how could I say no to that 😉 Plus I really needed a night to get out and have some FUN!! It’s been a long week in the office.

One of our first stores was super trendy, which is not me!!


We laughed at some of the dresses we found.


We each picked out some fun things to try on that we would normally never purchase.


As you can see I wasn’t a big fan of the one on the left, but I kind of liked the one on the right. I just can’t get into this whole 80’s style again.

IMG_4002 IMG_4005

I really liked the white shirt on the left, but would have no where to wear it. The dress on the right was just too funny!

IMG_4007 IMG_4012

Then on to a store that is more my style, Banana Republic Outlet!! It was funny that I walked into the dressing room with a bunch of the same colored clothes, guess I know what I like 🙂


I loved both of these tank tops, only $10! These are so practical and comfortable.

IMG_4017 IMG_4020

I loved the shirt on the left, I could dress it up or down. The one on the right not so much.

IMG_4021 IMG_4028

I really liked this silky dress, but it made me look like I was 12!! I felt so innocent in it 😉
I so need a tan!

IMG_4024 IMG_4025


Jack looked adorable in the dress she picked out. I loved the color!

IMG_4022 IMG_4026


I even found Hubby two cute polos for only $10!!


Walked out with 3 shirts for me and two for Hubby for only $50!! We are ready for spring :) 


When I got home Hubby made us Turkey Burgers for dinner, I love him!


I added spinach, tomato, ketchup, and a little cheese.


+ Pop Chips 🙂


Perfect dinner!


Instead of doing my tempo run in the morning I am running 6 miles with some friends at 5:30 in the morning. I am also hitting up SBUX for my “Cookie Friday”!!!

Fun stuff coming tomorrow so watch out!

Night Friends! Time to run to bed.  🙂


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