Spring Gala Highlights+Sunday Morning Breakfast

Last night was a blast, to say the least. Every year my school puts on a Gala Auction to help raise money for the school and for scholarships(I work at a private school). Every year there is a different theme, and this year the theme was Studio 54, basically disco themed.


Ok I wasn’t born anywhere near that era so I had no idea what to wear, so I dug out all the dresses I owned out of the closet. I ended up going with the more fun and flirty dress, instead of the more elegant one.


I wore this dress to a salsa dance about 4 years ago in college, man I look so different!


The Gala had an open bar and buffet, I enjoyed a glass of red pinot and chips and hummus to start with.



Then Hubby and I hit the beautiful buffet. I had a piece of cranberry chicken, an arugula salad,some brown rice an amazing artichoke wrapped in felo dough, and lot’s of fruit!



Hubby went back and grabbed us another plate, I wanted another artichoke, and lots of the sweet strawberries!


They had a photographer there that took lot’s of fun pictures! These are pictures of pictures:)


My two teachers I work with in the classroom daily:)


All of us young teachers at the school:


Sorry about the poor quality… The night ended with dancing and more dancing! It was so FUN! I miss dancing, Hubby and I only get to dance at weddings, and I forget how much I LOVE IT! I so want to take a dance class! It’s the best way to burn calories in my opinion. We danced until midnight and then called it a night.

This morning I called the volunteer leader of the Pasadena Marathon and told them I wouldn’t be making it. Last night I thought about it, I HATE not following through with my word, but I knew it wouldn’t be the wisest decision for me to go today. With only 4 hours of sleep on Friday night, and then I would have to leave at 5 am which would have been another 4 hours of sleep, I didn’t want to risk getting sick(this tends to happen when my body has little sleep). I will volunteer at another one soon!

We slept in until 9:30, which is SO late, but I knew my body needed it! When I got out of bed my body HURT all over! I am soooo sore, from my run yesterday and dancing…I plan on getting some Yoga in today or at least some good stretching. I can barely get down in a SQUAT! When i finally made it to the kitchen I decided on some Banana and PB Waffles!


*2 Natures Path Flax Waffles with Naturally More PB, TJ’s Greek Yogurt, light maple syrup, chopped pecans, and some Fresh and Easy flax granola.


It’s already 11am and I have nothing accomplished for today!!!!

On the Agenda:

  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean Office
  • Yoga
  • Make Spelt Tortillas
  • Prep for meals for the week
  • Write Post about TBL Challenge for Hubby
  • Buy new running shoes online(took my other one’s back) 
  • Hockey Game at 5pm with friends!
    Have a Fun SUNDAY friends!


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