Spring Into Summer

It wasn’t that long ago that I was getting up at 4:45am and getting out the door for a morning workout..what happened?!

I so miss being the morning person I once was. I used to just roll out of bed with no problem and always felt great after an hour sweat fest. The winter blues kicked in and I have been in hibernation. Well the sun is BACK and so am I! It’s time to get ready for summer. It’s time to get to work early so I can get to some of my favorite classes in time!

I have a new workout schedule that I feel really good about!

I want to get back to working some mornings. For me planning is key and I get excited when I have a GOAL!

Sunday: 4pm hit the gym or am Long Run if I have off  

Monday: Noon Power Yoga +6:30 pm Kettle Bells

Tuesday:  4pm: Interval Training + Slow, Deep, Stretch Yoga

Wednesday: 5:30am: Run + Teach KB

Thursday: 4pm: Interval Training

Friday: 5:30am: Run + Kettle Bells

Saturday: Rest Day (I work)

I hope to get a bike ride in there someday, but I’ll play that by ear. I am not a huge fan of riding my bike by myself so as soon as my friends get back to riding in the mornings I will be on board. I am excited about getting back to where I was 6 months ago ..in the best shape of my life!

Maybe I need to do a fun Spring into Summer Challenge?!!

Would anyone else be in?


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