Successful Sunday

Today was absolutely wonderful 🙂

Plan for the day:

  • Teach Sunday School
  • Sweep, Mop, and Dust
  • Yoga (Deep, Long, Stretch)
  • Relax!!

I didn’t touch the computer once after this morning’s post! I love teaching Sunday School, the kids are all just too sweet!!

When I got home from church I had a few errands to run so I grabbed a bag and threw in some items to-go. One Cheese and Turkey Sammie+Sliced Apples+Rice Works Chips(in love with these)+H2O.

IMG_0075 IMG_0076

While I was out I returned the cushions I picked up yesterday and got these much cuter and comfy ones at Lowe’s!


Love paisleys!! I pulled out the rug under the couch(which by the way we got off of Craig’s List from a friend for only $30!) from the garage, it was just chilling in there.


When I got home I cleaned up the house a bit and then decided to RELAX! I made some homemade chips and guac. Sliced up three small corn tortillas and baked at 400 degrees for 6 minutes. The Guac was super easy too. One Avocado+Chopped Tomato+Garlic Salt+Greek Yogurt+Lime (no real measuring).


Then I sat down to watch Forest Gump with a glass of wine 😉 I was expecting to have an evening to myself and then Hubby got off work early and SURPRISED ME!!! It was so good to have him home.


I then started dinner.


I sautéed up some shrimp for me and started cooking turkey meat for him 🙂


Hubs looking up a song I had never heard..


I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I just made a bowl of my favorites.


Brown Rice Pasta+Peas+Sautéed Shrooms+Shrimp


Marinara and Turkey Meat for Hubs


While enjoying dinner we finished up Forest Gump, that movie is SAD. Both Hubby and I were having a fountain fest!!! I am proud to say I have seen the whole thing.

We are headed out to the porch again for a fire and some time to relax. Couldn’t have been a more successful Sunday in my book 🙂

Can’t wait to start my morning with 5:30am Hot Yoga!!!

Check out my workout plan for the week——————————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A FULL WEEK of my P90X 😉