Tonight I was so craving KB!! I haven’t been on over a week and needed to get my punch on! There is nothing like beating the heck out of a punching bag to relieve stress 🙂

When I got home I headed straight out the door to get my grilling on. I had been marinating Salmon in a lime and cilantro marinade all day. I took out the Salmon out placed some sliced lemons on top and wrapped it up in foil.


I made some Turkey Burgers for the Hubby.


I also sautéed some veggies in EVOO + Lucero’s Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar



I only like broccoli cooked!


Made some Brown Rice, we got this at Costco last night.


I just love the grill. I really want to try some new recipes this summer.


mmmm! When I took the Salmon off the grill it smelled amazing!!!


Dinner is served


I garnished my Salmon with a little Avocado



I love these simple yet delicious meals. 


After dinner I met up with my Thursday Night Crew to help out an elderly women clean her house. We try and get out and do a community service project every quarter. There is nothing like serving along side your friends. Found out some exciting news about one of our couples…so happy for them 🙂

After we cleaned we hit up some FRO-YO! This would be my second serving this week, I guess you could say I am carbo-loading 😉


Off to bed alone 🙁 Hubby has a hacking cough and will be sleeping on the couch. Can’t risk getting sick with a marathon this weekend.

FUN FRIDAY RUN in the morning! Nite Nite.