Have I told you all that our AC has been broken for almost 6 weeks!! We had someone come fix it, (put in a whole new unit) and it BUSTED! So we have been waiting for someone to come look at it and I can barely take the heat.

I have been off for the past two days and have done everything to try and stay cool. My days have been filled with the swimming, sitting at Starbucks reading, going to the movies (I saw Cray, Stupid Love it was soooo cute I laughed and cried), trying to clean and lastly I have been grabbing take out for us!!

Hubby and I really love to eat at home, but have resorted to someone else cooking ;) 

Yesterday we had grabbed dinner from a place called Wabu Grill. It is really fresh and pretty healthy. Plus it was right next to the gym!


We enjoyed our meal with our new favorite wine, Middle Sister. It really is sweet and sassy!

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Hubby got the teriyaki chicken and beef bowl with rice.


I got the salmon and veggie bowl with brown rice. It was just what I wanted!



I also have been a little crazy and have been BAKING! I know it’s too hot to bake, but I hate to waist food and I had some bananas that were going bad. 


I made the banana bread from my new book, Athlete’s Palate Cookbook. Highly recommended if you’re an athlete and want to eat healthy without eating over-simplified, dull food. A blurb from the inside cover says it all: Ask runners why they run, cyclists why they bike, and triathletes why they do it all, and more often than not you’ll get the answer ‘”to eat, and to eat well.”


The banana bread is AMAZING! It’s the perfect fuel with a little PB before a good workout. I can’t wait to try other recipes in the book.


I also made my first at home Larabars!!! I will share the recipe soon 🙂


Oh and another way we have been staying cool…yum!


Off to throw an amazing dinner for Hubby’s staff.

On the menu: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Summer Spring Salad, Rosemary Potatoes, and a CROCK POT Berry Cobbler!

Question: Do you use air conditioning in your house? If not what do you do to keep it cool?!


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