The wonderful ALI gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Over the Top Award!!! Thanks so much, ALI!


For this award, I have to write 7 things you all don’t know about me, I feel like you guys know everything, but I will give it a try:

1. I was a cheerleader my freshman year of high school.

2. I am named after my dad and mom, my full name is Bobbi Marie.

3. I hate purple lettuce.

4. Dream Job is to be a Wedding Coordinator/Personal Trainer all in one!

5. I eat apples and kiwi whole, skin and core!

6. I hate taking baths.

7. I have been to 47 states!

Now I have to pick 3 bloggers to give the award to

1. Angie over at Angie Eats Peace

2. Tereicita over at A  Journey to Share



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