I am off for three whole days. The best part is all I have on the agenda is cooking and shopping 🙂 Well there are other shenanigans on the to-do list, but those aren’t as important.

After work I picked up all the goods that I will be making for Thanksgiving dinner. We aren’t having it at our house, but we have two different houses to hit up and I wanted to be prepared. I have no real idea what people will be bringing and I wanted to make sure there were a few our our favorites; cornbread stuffing, veggies, corn casserole, pumpkin cheesecake…the list goes on.I want to make sure we have plenty of leftovers!  I’ll be in the kitchen a lot this week 🙂

Best part is I had a billion coupons and got all of the stuff below for $40!!!! (yes this means that I have spent $15 over our Thanksgiving Challenge 🙁 )


After I got done shopping I hit up some Hot Yoga where I proceeded to sweat my bootie off!!! I think that I should get more HBBC points for this class, it was HARD!!!


Tonight we practiced the pike with a wall. Per usual I came home and of course I had to show Hubby.


Ok so this is not as easy as it looks.


You are supposed to do this L shape pose(the Pike) WITHOUT the wall!!! Hardcore!


Then into a handstand I went!

IMG_4199 IMG_4200

Of course Hub’s had to give it a try 😉



Handstand and all!!!


I managed to come up with an easy and quick dinner. We are getting low on normal groceries. One Cedar Inn Burrito plus PEAS! I love me some peas 🙂


Time to get my butt in the shower and lay low for the evening. Tomorrow I will get to business in the kitchen!

Night Ya’ll …OH NO the Southern GIRL in me is coming out!!!