The Pros and Cons of Training

I thought it would be nice to write a post about what life has been like since I have decided to take a break from training for another Marathon. I have come up with a list of the pros and cons, as it hasn’t been easy even though it’s been nice.

 Let us start with the Cons

  • Not being able to eat those 500 extra calories because I am burning energy like nobody’s business.
  • Morning runs!!!
  • Training with my running buddies.
  • Having a goal in mind.
  • Getting excited about the race!

Now let’s talk about the Pros

  • Not having to get up at the CRACK of dawn to run!!
  • Not being sore the week after a long run.
  • Being able to hit the gym and Hot Yoga.
  • Not stressing about getting in a long run on the weekends.
  • Enjoying my Saturday night’s with my Hubby.
  • Running for FUN!
  • Taking Bosco for long walks
  • Working out at home
  • Not spending an arm and a leg for a racing fee.
  • Being able to take a day off or two and it’s ok.

So overall training has been missed, but the time off has been just as good!!!!

I am gearing up for a Healthy Thanksging week of a little of everything..

Monday: An hour and a Half of Hot Yoga
Tuesday: 5 mile run + KB
Wednesday: Yoga+KB
Thursday:Turkey Trot
Saturday: Hitting the GYM for a bootcamp (my own).
Sunday: Yoga

Question: What are some pros and cons of training for you?


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