The Week Just Hit Me

I am so tired tonight, my eyes are closing as I am typing this. It’s funny that even when you don’t think your tired, your body WILL TELL YOU!!!

Hubby and I had to go straight after work to Hubby’s interview to be the new Girls Basketball Coach at the school I AD at. We were there a lot later then anticipated but it went great and Hubby got the job, congrats Coach McCormick!

I had a gift certificate for a local Thai Restaurant that I have been dying to use, so we decided sense it was late and I was exhausted we would take the opportunity to use it.

We started it off by splitting our favorite soup, Tom Ka Kai.

Picture 222

And of course I ordered some Yellow Tofu Curry with Brown Rice. (mmmm)

Picture 223

I also enjoyed a glass of Pinot.

Picture 221

For the rest of the evening, I have been prepping for my weekend retreat along with my 19 mile run in the morning! I am starting at 6am and hoping to finish by 9:30am. I am kind of excited because I have two friends joining me at two different points to run a couple miles with me, this should help me push through it. I have never done a long run on a weekday, I hope I can still walk!!!


I will have a full recap of my LONG RUN in the morning!

Nite Nite


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