Top Ten Holiday Goals

Alright friends it’s the time of the year where we are headed to parties, department stores, the local mall,  decorating, cooking for a dozen, getting holiday photos taken,baking up a storm,  and somehow in there still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So I thought it would be a good idea to set some Holiday GOALS! The only way for me to stay on tack is to write it down and to have a plan of ATTACK!

 After some reasonable thinking I have come up with my top 10 goals for the Holidays.

 #1.  Stick to eating two sweets a week. Some friends and I are doing a little fun competition to keep us all on track and accountable to one another. So here is the deal you get to enjoy two sweets throughout the week and if you slip up you have to put $10 in the pot. It goes through the end of December and Thanksgiving and Christmas don’t count. At the end of the two months all the money will go to a charity. Obviously this is based on an honor system!

 #2.  Get in 4 days of good cardio workout. I know that I might not get in my 5-6 days like usual because I get so busy, so I am going to make sure I get in at least 4 days in of solid cardio.

 #3.  Enjoy one “adult” beverage a week. I normally do this, but with parties and dinners the “fun” drinks tend to creep in!

 #4.  Have a DATE night one night a week again with just Hubby and I. We used to do this for years and we have been lacking in it. With the Holiday’s coming up, I know things will only get busier, but I am making it a goal to have fun this seasoning enjoying the season with some romance 😉

#5.  Spending 10-20 minutes (at least) a day reading scripture and really remembering the meaning of the season!

 #6.  Eating at home at least 6 nights a week! This one is to save money for Christmas shopping and to enjoy the dinner table again. Yhis means more dinner parties 🙂

 #7.  Make more gifts with meaning behind them. not just getting “things”.

 #8.  LAUGH MORE! Must go to Disneyland again!

 #9.  Helping out a charity, with funds or with service. or shoot BOTH!

 #10.  Do a Holiday race