Tuesday Tip: Iron “Women” Challenge

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Pea Soup, YUM!


Kashi Honey Wheat Crackers








My Mid-Morning Snack!!


Tuesday Tips: Iron”Women” Challenge!

Ok friends, it has been a while since I gave myself a fun new challenge to spice my fitness goals up a bit. I do challenges (marathons) so I can keep the excitement going in life, SDRR is in less then three weeks so it’s time for a new one 🙂

A challenge pushes me and helps me to reach new goals and keeps life exiting!! So what is this challenge?

To train like an Iron “Women”! No, I am not doing an Ironman any time soon, but I do plan on hitting up some Tri’s in the near future and one day I would love to do a Half Ironman.

So what does it take to train like an Ironman? As soon as SDRR is over I will begin a 18 week training plan to train like I was “training” for an Ironman (well sorta). I just want to mix things up!! I am going to be cycling, swimming and running all on a regular basis. I found this beginner program online for free. I will be doing two-a-days that include swimming, cycling and running on the other days. I will be doing a Tri on June 27th, so this will kick off my challenge right away!!! Thank goodness I have a pool at work!!

So what does these mean for strength training? I will still be getting my Monday KB in and I will be researching how people keep up their strength training while training for an event that is so intense!

I think this is going to be FUN… I know I am crazy, but I want to prove to myself that I can train like an Ironwomen! Plus it’s kind of fun not having the pressure of having to race, even though I will do a half one day 🙂

Question: What is your current fitness goals? If you don’t have one start one today!!