Ok friends the bake sale is not over!!! Well at least not for a few items. The following items are officially sold and the bidding is over for them:

Heather’s Chocolate Cherry Chunk Scones: $25

Veggie Girls Customizable Blondie’s: $25

Danica’s Daily lemon cookies and dark chocolate clusters: $30

Ally’s Chunky Monkey Cookies : $30

Heather’s (hangrypants) Loaf of Bread : $20

Amanda’s 2 dozen Granola Bites: $20

Mara’s Meringue Cookies: $20

Healthy Happier Bear’s Scrumptious Vegan Coconut Macaroons : $20

Veronica’s Easy Energizing no bake cookies: $20

Danielle’s Graham crackers, chocolate, and coconut, OH MY! $32

Karen’s Cookies $20

Jen’s Blue & White Chippers $20

Melissa’s Chocolate Chip Berry Bread $30

So far we have raised: $312! Not bad but still not enough!! My goal was to raise $500, we are over half way there. WE CAN DO IT!!!!

Bids today as of 10:30 am:

Tami’s M&M cookies $20.00

Megan’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies $20

Heather’s chocolate chip mint cookies $24

Whitney’s oatmeal cookies – $22

So here’s the deal. There are still a few items on the list to keep bitting on! Each day this week I will be posting the items left and the highest bitter will take home the baked good. Please email me at nhsbakesale@gmail.com with your bid.
So here are the yummy goods that are left:

Whitney’s (http://whitneyinchicago.wordpress.com) Oatmeal Cookies


Lacey Hubert’s (http://objectsevents.wordpress.com/) VERY STRAWBERRY LOVE MUFFINS

Monica (http://runeatrepeat.com/) 2 dozen Granola Cookies

IMG_7901 (1)


I will update this page throughout the day.



EGG-MAZING!!! I just love my eggs! I made another healthy McGriddle, but this weekend I picked up some turkey bacon to add to it (not that it wasn’t already amazing).


These sandwiched are soooo EASY to make!

One Egg+2 WW Waffles+ 2 Slices of Turkey Bacon+ One slice of light cheese


One satisfying breakfast sandwich (I did add a little pure maple syrup).


I had a small cup of Honeydew and Strawberries on the side, in my Calibowl.


Breakfast is served!


Is it just me or did MAY fly by??? I can’t believe summer is right around the corner!!

Question: What season always seems to fly by for you?

For me it’s definitely Spring. I feel like once Christmas is over, we have like two months and then it’s almost time to get ready for Christmas AGAIN!

Alright get your bids in friends, let’s hit that $500 GOAL!!!


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