Bake Sale Update

Only 5 HOURS hours left of the NHS BAKE SALE…or until I wake up in the morning ;)  to get your bids in!! If you were out bid then bid again or bid on something else. Check out all the goods here. Remember to email me your bid at

Current Bid on Items

Heather’s Chocolate Cherry Chunk Scones: $25

Veggie Girls Customizable Blondie’s: $25

Danica’s Daily lemon cookies and dark chocolate clusters: $30

Ally’s Chunky Monkey Cookies : $30

Heather’s (hangrypants) Loaf of Bread : $20

Amanda’s 2 dozen Granola Bites: $20

Mara’s Meringue Cookies: $20

Healthy Happier Bear’s Scrumptious Vegan Coconut Macaroons : $20

Veronica’s Easy Energizing no bake cookies: $20

Danielle’s Graham crackers, chocolate, and coconut, OH MY! $32

Karen’s Cookies $20

Jen’s Blue & White Chippers $20

Be the first to bid on……………….

Heather Flemming’s  ( Chocolate Mint Cookies (YUM)

Megan’s ( Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whitney’s ( Oatmeal Cookies

Tami Carpentier’s, YOU CHOOSE!!!


Melissa’s ( Chocolate Chip Berry Bread

Monica ( 2 dozen Granola Cookies

REMEMBER All MONEY will benefit St. Jude’s Hero’s!