Tuesday Tip: Summer Savings

Is it Friday yet?? Yes, it has been that kind of a day. I choose happiness 🙂


All weekend I had tuna on my mind so of course I just had to make a tuna sandwich. I just added a little low-fat mayo, Dijon, and pepper to one can of tuna and viola! All on top of a Arnold’s thin and spinach.

blog 036

The crumbs of my root chips from TJ’s

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Greek Yogurt, wish this stuff wasn’t so expensive!

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Ta DA!

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For snack I had one of Hubby’s fiber bars because we accidently switched lunches, good thing we work together I couldn’t have eaten his lunch and there is no way he would have eaten mine!!!

Tuesday Tip: Summer Savings

This summer Hubby and I are on a tight budget. We are saving for a couple different things. We want to save for Chicago and possibly Hawaii at the end of the summer.  When Hubby and I sat down to go over the budget he showed me how much money I have spent on races, running shoes, and other fitness expenses and it almost came up to almost $XXX, well lets just say a lot. My KB money usually pays for all of these things, but I still need to be careful with the extras. So I we have come up with a plan, I am we are both such planners.

Areas where we can save:

  • Groceries, we are doing great but we need to keep it at $50 a week
  • Gas, carpool more drive less!
  • No Starbucks 🙁
  • Extras..no clothes..no shoes..no service 🙂
  • Keep the blinds clothes and all electric plugs empty when gone all day.
  • Birthdays..make stuff!
  • Do more free outings, Picnics at the Bowl, and lazy days at the Beach 🙂
  • …I am sure there are much more ways!!!

Question: How do you save money???


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