Cups of coffee that is! I have already had two cups of black cup of coffee and I am bouncing off the walls, but sure have been keeping busy 🙂

I had my wonderful mid morning snack. I love to take bites of my Pink Lady Apple and then smear some Light Laughing Cow Cheese inside and repeat!!!

blog 272

For lunch I had leftover Cold Noodle Sautee!

blog 273

With the best Dessert EVER! I just love the Chocolate Chip Z Cliff Kids Bars! I got a huge box of them at Costco last weekend so I am sure you will be seeing these a lot :) 

blog 274

Tonight is DATE NIGHT and it’s my turn to plan what we do, it’s a surprise!



I officially got our team signed up for the Ragner Relay today!!! I can’t wait it’s going to be such a blast 🙂 I better start running again!

I am also doing some research on Personal Training Certificates and I think that I am go with AFPA. I can do all my school work at home and it’s known to one of the best in the nation. Anyone have any suggestions???



  • Kickboxing
  • Planning Meeting for Women’s Retreats at Work
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • More Kickboxing

It’s a low key weekend for us, soooooonot minding that!!!!


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