Week 4 of TSL!!

Wow I can’t believe we are headed into week 4 of TSL Challenge!!!

Here is an updated list of the wonderful participants points(some are for week 3 and some are full totals). Sorry if I missed yours.

Kristin B: running total of 70
Niki D: 28 points for this week
Meghan N: 39 point this week!
Beth: Good week, 35 points!
Yasmin: 46 points this week!
Janetha: my total so far is 104 points
Heather D: 27 this week
Amanda B: 31 points this week
Megan N: 25 point this week
Rebecca: 45 points this week
Carrie: 33 this week
Haya: 45 this week
Genesis: 45 this week
Amy T: 33 this week
Amelia: total is 120
Kelly Y: 68 total
Allison: Total 89
Meredith H: 29 this week
Rebecca S: 42 for this week

Thank you ladies for all of your patience, it has been a crazy busy week!! Some you you are wondering when to send off your packages to you buddies, not until the last day of May:) If you still need your buddy and have sent me an email, I will get back to you tonight promise!!!

This last week of TSL, I plan on riding the bus as much as possible to work, eating all meals at home,(except for this weekend in SD), and not only using less electricity, but also I am going to try and see how many things I can weed out of my life that are unnecessary, another SPRING CLEAN!!!!


I slept in this morning until 7:30 and I tried to talk myself out of going for a run, but I got out and did it!

Running Stats: 4.14 miles, 35:25 minutes, and burned 420 calories!

The weather was perfect a little chilly but as soon as I started running I warmed right up. I actually tied to push myself a bit, I didn’t want to push it too much but wanted to keep my stride a little quicker.

After a weekend of Treats and Drinks, I was ready for some clean eating!!

Starting today with a GREEN MONSTER!


I am off to work and then tonight we have yet another fun BBQ to go to!!

See you this afternoon for some tips on what to do the week before a marathon.


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