Who Is This Hubby?

Good Morning!

So this is the Hubby. Bobs volunteered asked me to write a post for this weekend. As some of you guys know, I like to be creative in my “guest” posts. Unfortunately, I have been too busy this weekend to get fun and creative for a post. However, instead of not posting anything, I figured we could compromise and have me answer questions that you guys haven’t asked (which, yes, that hurts my feelings), but I figured you would like to know.

So, if you don’t care to read / learn more about me, that’s cool… Just don’t expect a Christmas present from us!!!

ANYWAYS, here are some questions I came up with (and if you ever wanted to ask me a question, email Bobbi… in triplicate, non-stapled, along with your SS #, favorite sports team, and 2 photo IDs for verification)…

1) Why are you not in any photos of Bobbi’s morning posts?
Good question, glad I thought of this one. Well, you see, I am already up and about before Bobbi wakes up. Bobbi has grown to be use to it, plus Bosco will jump into bed when I leave to take my place.

2) But Bobbi wakes up early early early… what time do you wake up and what are you doing that early?
Another stellar question I ask! I wake up around 4:00am (give or take 30 mins). We I go to bed by 10pm. Usually on “not so busy” days I will get a power-nap in during the late afternoon. And to answer the second part of this great question, it depends on the day. 3 days during the week, I play basketball at a local high school gym with 10-14 other guys for about 2 hours before work. No, we don’t play at 400am, but between the time I wake up and go play basketball, I do design work (whether it is for my full-time job at Forest Home or for my personal graphic and web design company, Modern Messengers).

On the other 2 weekdays, I usually get an early start to my day (either by working from home or going into the office) so that I can leave work early and have daylight to do yard work, help coach, do errands that can only be done by 5pm, etc. Every third blue moon I will sleep in to 7am and ride up to work with Bobbi. Typically, Saturday or Sunday is when I do my best work… in the form of sleeping. I try to get a full 10 hours of sleep (yes, I know it is not good for my body and you can’t “make-up sleep”, but my body is the driver and I am just the passenger. It sleeps for however long it does and I’m just along for the ride).

3) WOW, I could go so many directions for my next question… So, outside of morning basketball, what else do you do in the exercise realm?
Nothing compared to the wifey, that’s for sure. I play on several different softball teams, coach (which I work up a sweat while doing), run 3 miles each day, run 14 miles on top of that each day, play racquetball every so often, fight grizzly bears 3 days a week in a boxing ring, run 2 miles after I box the bears, yard work, golf, guitar hero (drums only), crochet, run 5 miles while crocheting, power-nap, TV / VCR repair, Accounting, and/or get my GED, and lastly, I watch Bobbi run (which makes me tired watching her).

But something that I had a little false start on was P90X. We had borrowed it from a relative, but they needed it back for themselves, and so I didn’t get very far into it. However, I did find a discounted offer through ESPN for P90X. I have since purchased and received my own set of DVDs. So, I will restart my P90X on Monday.

4) Ok cool. Well, to finish some final thoughts about you answer in question #2, what do you do business-wise? I mean, we all know that Bobbi works at Forest Home full-time, teaches Kickboxing, AD at a small local high school, maintains this blog daily, runs a babysitting referral service, a cross-country coach, and still has time to workout and train for marathons…  Do you do anything close to this schedule?

5) “No” what?…. Like, “No” you won’t tell us or “No” you don’t do anything close to this schedule, or “No” you’re getting to personal…
Objection! Badgering the witness!

6) Over-ruled! Answer the question.
Ok, Business-wise… I own my own graphic design / web design company called Modern Messengers. I started this business back in 2003 after Hurricane Elvis took a hold of the building that I was the Director of and peeled it back, like a banana, destroying the building and having it be unused for nearly a year. Without this facility, my job was pretty useless. I was asked to be part-time because the company could not afford to pay me full-time for a job that I really couldn’t do much for for the next 9-12 months.

Now you must understand, I graduated from college to be exactly this, Director of Recreation and to run this new multi-million dollar facility. It was what I believe God programmed me for. But Hurricane Elvis changed everything. There were no jobs open in the area in which I wanted to be in. But all along, God molded me for this situation. During my high school and college years, I fiddled with web design (actually coding HTML myself and not with any Dreamweaver type program). As I began to learn more and more about HTML, I started to learn about Graphic Design and Photoshop. I started with Photoshop Elements (which seems so primitive now). For these 6-8 years, I self-taught myself (along with getting lessons from close friends) on how to design both graphics and web. But these things were not my passion at the time nor did I ever get heavily involved with them. It was always a fun, relaxing thing to do.

Eventually, near my last year in college, I designed a website for a non-organization that was rather decent for the time. This started making me want to get better at this craft for personal reasons, not as my next career. By the time Hurricane Elvis hit, I had designed and maintained 4 websites. I wasn’t making money for this. Just something fun to do on the side. But after Hurricane Elvis, I had a friend call me to say, “Sorry about your job situation. You know what? You should start your own website company… and I will be your first client.” Of course, I didn’t know anything about this world. How much to charge… What is a normal design process…. What if they don’t like it… And guess what, I still don’t know what I’m doing! But I am blessed that God creatively worked in my life years before the storm to have allowed me to learn another skill set, survive on my own, and to ultimately use it to glory Him.

As for the second part of the question… NO, I do not have as many hats as Bobs. I have a wonderful full-time job at Forest Home, where I’m a Graphic Designer and help with the website. I work around 20 hours a week on Modern Messengers. Recently, I coached a local high school’s Girls Varsity Basketball team as well as help Bobs with AD work (since I did go to school for that). But keeping up with our finances, yard work, Bosco, and watching Cardinals baseball take up most of my “Non-Wifey Time”. When it is “Wifey-Time”… work stops. Period.

I do, however, like to help Bobs with this blog ever so often. Yes, we all know that there might be a misspelled word here or there (and for those of you who have sent mean things to Bobbi about her spelling during the “Ask Bobbi Anything” segment… what are you OVERCOMPENSATING for? There’s a difference between a friendly suggestion from a helpful person and an insecure, adolescent-type statement from an intimidated, immature and otherwise spiteful, person). Anyways, every so often, I try to go through some of her previous post and correct things (since I am a stickler at work about this) and it helps me feel more apart of her blog than if I was on the sidelines cheering and I think Bobs likes me doing that too.

7) New subject… Your eating habits are atrocious! Seriously, no seafood, no salads, no greens? Do you know you are killing your body? And think of all of those calories! Heavens! Do you not enjoy life? Here is your sexy hot beautiful wife, slaving over the oven and you do not eat what she cooks!?! What kind of person are you? Seriously… you should just go ahead and shank her in the back because that’s what you do each time she makes amazing spreads and you just eat Spaghetti-O’s!!! Ugh, you make me so mad!
Wow… Angry little elf!…. Give me a second as I dry my eyes from the verbal and emotional attack you just came at me with!

Ok…jerk! First off, she knew who she was marrying 🙂

But let me try to explain my side of the story… Who here enjoys eating food that smells bad (aka smells like poo)?? Yeah, not maybe of you. And I know that some of you will say, “But hubs, I sometimes eat things that smell bad because I know it is good for me” and then I would say “thank you for that comment, but I didn’t ask you”, then you would cry… and then I would say “Just kidding! Thanks for that comment”, then you would smile, then I would further explain myself by saying “I’m selfish. I rather eat something that tastes good and is not so good for me than eat something that is ‘rank’ and gives me an extra week of life.

Yup, I said it. I’m selfish.

That’s why I don’t run for the sake of exercise. If you see me running and it looks like I am running for the sake of exercise, then you are being fooled because either I’m running from Bobs, who is trying to kick my butt, running from the po-po, or I have an incredibly and epically bad case of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) in which my legs would be running me and not vice versa. That’s why I play sports for my exercise. Sport has purpose. To score, to hit, to dodge, to throw, to think, to react… Running for the sake of exercise on the other hand is like Accounting for some people… I rather do bodily harm to myself than do something that feels exhaustively tedious. (Please send your hate email to Bobbi 🙂 or to your local governor)

So back to my original thought… Being that I am selfish, I rather not eat something that smells bad. Did you know that 70-75% of what we PERCEIVE as taste is actually from our sense of smell? Hence why when we have colds that the foods that we eat have less flavor. The major thing that are “taste” actually does is detect the presence of something SWEET, SOUR, BITTER and SALTY. So it isn’t my dislike for flavor that makes me eat how I eat, it is my dislike in smells. Even texture and sounds play apart in foods that I will or will not eat. You should ask Bobs about my ability to detect ingredients are in foods (I can even tell when a piece of lettuce or slice of tomato has been removed from a burger that I am eating). Exciting huh??!

So in a nutshell, I have a limited selection of foods because I have a picky sense of smell.


OK, enough questions… I need to wash dishes before the wifey gets home!


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