Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This Friday is Flying by!I have a ton to do at work before I take off all next week :).

This morning I enjoyed an Honest Foods Apple Ginger Bar..well kinda. It was kind of hard and nothing like the one I had yesterday. I did read on Kath’s blog that they are having some distribution problems on the new bars, so I am hoping this was just a fluke.

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I also had a cup of Honey Vanilla Tea to go along with it. 

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For lunch today I brought a little bit of everything from the fridge. I had a individual bag of Tilapia that says that I could microwave it, so in desperation I did, BAD IDEA!!! The fish exploded!!!

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But you know me, I don’t waist food so I ate it explode and all. Along with some brown sticky rice, veggies, Oikos, and black beans. I also sprinkled a little bit of Tilapia on top :).  

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I am now enjoying a piece of some new gum I got last night, Trident Layers. I am not impressed, I actually don’t like fruity gums so I don’t know why I thought I would like it, well at least I tried something new :). 

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 SPA Package WINNER!

I used the wonderful

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1


Result: 9

said… i prefer to cuddle with my hubby,

Congrats Natalie send me your full name and address and I will get your package out to you!


Only 4.5 hours until Christmas Decorating TIME!!!

Back to work!


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