20 Minute Tuesday: Staying Motivated

Evening friends!

I hope your week is going well so far. Tonight the last thing I wanted to do was hit the gym, but I am sticking to my goals! I got in one of my favorite workouts from PB Fingers:

beat boredom interval workout

As well as an awesome 20 minute arm workout from my good friend Val!! She was so sweet to keep me motivated and cheered me on to get to the gym.

20 minute Tuesday for YOU ALL!!!

Arms: 3 rounds

Bicep curls
Upright rows
KB swing 30 seconds

Push press over head
Push ups
KB swing 30 seconds

Tricep Extensions
Hammer curls to press
KB swing 30 seconds

Chest press
KB swing 30 seconds


It was the perfect amount of sweat and strength!

Now time to enjoy HOT DRINK time and a good Christmas movie!


What do you do to keep motivated to keep moving during the Holiday season?


One response to “20 Minute Tuesday: Staying Motivated”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

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