I had a mix of cultures today for lunch, Greek + Mexican 🙂

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The tzatziki(no idea how to pronounce that) was amazing and Amy’s Enchiladas were a fiesta in my MOUTH!!! I really wish they were more affordable.

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I added some FAGE to the top.

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Side of carrots to dip with

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Plus one little Clementine

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My Mid Morning snack was a juicy pear + yogurt.

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Hubby sent me some fun facts I thought I would share with all of you.

Did you know:

*1)Tug of War was an Olympic event –
There was one year that only 2 teams participated meaning no bronze was awarded.

2)The all-time leader in Olympic medals is United States with 2511. And as of this afternoon, there is a tie for second place.

Germany + East Germany = 1604
Soviet Union + Russia = 1604

3) The United States is 4th all-time in medals for the Winter Olympics.

4) There has been a total of 17 medals awards to "Mixed Teams". In the early years of the Olympics, countries were allowed to combine their teams to form a mixed team.

5) In the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, there were 3 medals award to 3 individuals who are participating as "Independent Olympians". The flag that was hung for awards ceremonies was the Olympic flag.

*WOW, Tug of War would have been a fun sport to be in, in TRACK!!!

Question: Have you been watching the Olympics?

I haven’t, but normally do. I gave up TV for Lent.


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