Celebrate good times come on!

WE WON!!! Hubby’s basketball team kicked butt tonight!!! I couldn’t be a more proud wife 🙂 The game was pretty intense, final score 40 to 42. I was bighting my nails the whole time!!!

photo (51)

The TEAM!!


While I enjoyed the game I had a Z bar to give me energy for before Bags Class.

photo (52)

After the game I went to Bag Class I met up with Hubby and Zach(the roomie) for a celebration dinner at Red Robin. I wanted to make a healthy choice, but I am not familiar with their menu so I used LiveStrong.com to try and find something under 500 calories. My best bet was a Red Robin Customized Chicken Burger (Red Robin) Serving Size: 1 burger; Calories: 541, Total Fat: 17g, Carbs: 49g, Protein: 47g.  They served me fries even though I didn’t ask for them I exchanged them for a side salad.

 photo (42)

Almost forgot to take a picture 🙂 The Chicken Sandwich was SUPERB!

photo (43)

We all agreed that Fro-Yo was a MUST!!!

 photo (45)

I think I could own one of these shops!

photo (44)

photo (46) 

photo (49)

My concoction: Cake Batter+PB topped with almonds, granola, yogurt chips, carob chips, blueberry, and peanut butter chips. 

photo (47)

The Boys

photo (48) 



Time to play with this cute fella!

photo (50)

More questions to be answered in the morning 🙂


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