NHS Weekend Spa Retreat

I am so looking forward to this weekend!  I was inspired by Kath to do a NHS Spa Weekend at home!! This weekend will be packed with yoga, mani+pedis (doing myself), clean food, trip to the steam room and RELAXATION!!! As you all know my past two weekends have been filled with PARTIES and this girl knows when it’s time to take a break. I have had this weekend planned for weeks and I can’t wait.


One Egg and Avocado Sammie with hummus, tomatoes, cilantro, and mozz cheese.

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Plus a Clementine 🙂 Gotta pump the Vitamin C during this flu season!

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Q: I know prayer is something each individual person does differently but I would really like to know what you do when you get up in the morning and meditate and pray.  I would like to incorporate a little more of this in my life and just wonder how you clear your mind for that. I have such a hard time setting aside time to pray and read the Bible because my mind always seems to wonder and I get distracted.  I do not like that it happens and I want to keep a clearer mind when in this practice.  Keep up the great work on your blog!  You are very inspirational!

Well thanks! I am a journal type of girl. I have a prayer Journal that I write down all of my prayers in to help me stay focused and not wonder off into never never land 🙂 I am currently going through a chronological Bible that is taking me through the year. I like it a lot because it breaks my reading into days and if I get off track I can catch up on the weekend. I also do my reading and praying away from ALL distractions, TV, phone, computer…I hope this helps.  🙂

Q: What kind of vehicle do you drive?? How old were you when you got married?? How much do you weigh and what size clothes do you wear??

Lots of questions from this reader! I drive a 95 Toyota Camry, love this car and will drive it into the ground! I was 25 when Hubby and I got married. I think I answered the weight question yesterday, but I wear a size small to medium in tops and 4-6 in bottoms. If it’s Old Navy I wear a O, their clothes are HUGE!

Q: How do you not give in or not give in to the King Size candy bar?

This is an easy question. My parents didn’t let me have candy until I was 12 so I never have been a huge candy person. I do like the mini Snickers bars at Halloween, but one is enough!

Q: I like your blog a lot and it’s really inspiring to read about your accomplishments. One thing though, in your posts, words are always spelled wrong and your grammer isn’t great. Have you thought of putting a little more effort into that?

Yes I know my grammar and spelling is TERRIBLE!!! Not to be mean to the person who wrote this question, but I think you misspelled grammar in your question? I do the same thing all the time!!! This is something I have been working on since I was a kid. I do try and make sure there is no spelling and grammar mistakes in my post but I have a bit of dyslexia and it’s hard for me to even notice! This is not an excuse by any means, I want to be better!!! I need to work on this.

Q: Where are you and Matt going on vacation this year? Will it be an activity vacation? (hike, bike, kayak, fish type of vacation?)

Hubby and I are not taking a big vacation this year just a lot of little ones. We are headed to Mammoth in a couple weekends to go snowboarding with some friends and because I am training for my marathon during that weekend I am sure I will be RUNNING!!! Whenever we do plan a vacation we love to be as active and lazy as possible!!! Our plan is always to take off our watches and live by the moment not the time.

Q: Who watches Bosco when you’re both out of the house for a long period of time?

Grandma! My Mom has two Westies and they love to have Bosco over for play dates all the time!


Time to get ready for the day. I have KB tonight, no run due to the RAIN. Then our Women’s Study, can’t wait!

HAVE a Terrific Hump DAY 🙂 !


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