Today when I got to work the grounds were covered in a blanket of white beauty!

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Walking in to my office

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My office window

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I never thought I would love the snow as much as I do 🙂 Feeling blessed that I get to work at a place like this!



Yogurt+Zoe’s Granola

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Pea soup from TJ’s

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Organic White Corn Chips

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Beverage 🙂

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MORE Questions answered:

Q: How do you keep fitness in mind everyday especially when you have cravings????

This is a great question. I know how I feel when I eat CRAP!! If I crave something and I know that it’s just a sweet tooth or maybe “that time” of the month. I try and replace it with a cup of tea or an apple. I think knowing what your body really wants is key to staying on track.

Q: Thoughts about dropping 10 pounds in 6 weeks?  What should the meal plan be?
thanks so much!   Love your blog!!!

Well I am not an expert at ALL, please consult your doctor before starting any huge diet changes. I do know what worked for me. Let me tell you first that I do not believe in quick fix diets and I think one should not try and lose a lot of weight in a quick amount of time, but instead make their diet into a  life style change. If you want to jump start your weight loss start by counting calories, for me this was a great way to learn how much I was actually eating every day. A great FREE tool to use is It keeps track of your food and workouts helping you to stay on track. Also getting in at least 5 days of 1 hour of exercise is important to get that metabolism moving. I eat 5 meals a day 3 400-500 calorie meals, plus two 200 calorie snacks that are packed with protein and complex carbs. Once again I am not an expert!!!

Q: How much time do you spend a week looking at other health/fitness blogs?

I love reading other healthy and fitness blogs to keep me inspired and I probably spend at least 6 hours a week skimming/reading though them!! There are just so many great ones out there and not enough time to read them all.

Q:I love that you are so dedicated to running, coaching, teaching, your faith, eating healthy & keeping positive with your outlook on life.  With all of these things going on in your life…how do you balance time with your hubby?  What makes your marriage strong?

Another great question. Yes Hubby and I are both very busy people but what I think makes our marriage strong is that we actually LIKE each other!! What I mean is that we can sit and talk for hours at a coffee shop or work next to each other on the couch without saying a word and we feel loved. Marriage takes work and we both recognize that and that’s why we have DATE night once a week, and attend a Couples group every Thursday night. We are constantly making sure we are not just moving along and getting wrapped in our “own” worlds, but remembering that we need to put God first and each other second! My advice for all who want to keep your marriage strong, first learn how to put yourselves second and secondly, be silly!

Q: How do you not binge eat? I can’t seem to stop!

In the past this is something I struggled with about once a month. Now I know how to run away from it. When I feel like I am going to “binge” eat I get out of the kitchen!!! I go for a walk, I get my hands busy. For me, it’s taken time to learn this and I am finally at a place in my life when I can truly walk away.

More to come!


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