What a day! I am one pooped little lady. At lunch today my camera battery died so I couldn’t blog. It actually was good, because I needed to make some calls and get stuff ready for my Ragnar Relay Team meeting we had tonight.


Green Salad(kinda boring but good)


Tomato Soup


They get prettier every day!


My Soup was HOT!! Don’t you love my new window?? 🙂 I love my new desk! As you can see it was windy outside today, check out my crazy HAIR!


Pre-Run Snackers!


Tonight’s Speed Workout was done at my old High School track. By the way I loved all your stories!!!


I did a nice and easy one mile warm up and then 4×800’s under 3:25!!!

My first one was 3:21, second 3:20, third 3:19, and fourth at 3:20!! Then I did a 15 minute cool down with my friend Ash.

After the run we headed over to a local coffee shop to meet up with the Ragnar Team and discuss some major details. It was great to see the team and even conference in some folks. I am getting excited!!! I am so glad that I have done a relay before, because now this one seems like a piece of cake 🙂 After the meeting I saw my friend Just at the coffee shop and lost major track of time and didn’t leave until 9pm!!!


Thankfully dinner was waiting for me. This morning I filled the crock pot with potatoes, corn, carrots, onions, and two pieces of chicken with a cup of chicken broth. I also threw in a couple dashes of salt and pepper 🙂


I topped it off with some Corkey’s BBQ Sauce and DUG right in, soooooo goood!

Time to snuggle into bed with Hubby. I have an early morning of weight lifting at the gym. I think I shall have a circuit routine for you all!



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