How Does She Do It?

Hi Friends 🙂

I got a fun comment that I wanted to answer tonight instead of my usual evening posts. My day was kind of long and not too many fun pictures. I worked and then went to watch Coach M at his b-ball game 🙂 Yep, ‘twas a simple day.

So here is the comment:

How do you fit it all in??? What is your work schedule? Do your hours vary?? It just seems you are able to get in a TON of exercise….along with work, family, & friends!!! Just a curious reader I guess!!! Happy Hump Day!

Here is my response:

Well you all know that I am a major planner, but more then that I do not take one second for granted! Each of us have 24 hours in a day and it is up to us how we spend them.

I do have kind of a wacky schedule right now as I work some weekends and tend to have more weekdays off. I sill work 40 hours+ a week, but go in late on some Fridays. 

I make sure to have a workout/meal/cleaning/social plan written out every week so that I can set my days up for success. Otherwise I would be running around with my head in circles!

I make sure to be as intentional as I can with family and friends. I really wish I could see all of them all the time, but I know that is impossible. I make it a point to set plans with them ahead of time so that we can spend quality time together.

I am also all about spontaneity and throwing all plans out the window sometimes, to do things that REALLY MATTER!!!

It’s really about priorities and making sure to invest in the things that mean the most to you. For me it’s God, Family, Friends, Health, then Work/Blog. That might mean that I don’t watch much TV, spend a lot of time sleeping, or just twittling my thumbs 😉 These things are important to me and I need to make sure they are always in order. Sometimes they aren’t and that’s when I have to step back and do a major reality check.

Believe me, I am in no way perfect or even close! I too have to learn how to juggle all the balls in my hands (or shoes on my feet) and that is why I am continually trying to be better. 

Ok enough rambling, time for bed!!!

Question: Do you think you have your prioritize straight?


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