Let Marathon Week Begin

Happy Monday to you all and Happy Marathon Week to my fellow Chicago running pals! Friday I will be taking off for a fabulous weekend with some lovely ladies 🙂 I can hardly wait!

Workouts the Week Before A Marathon

This week I will be doing 3 runs. Today I ran 5 (speedy 42:45) miles, Wednesday I will be hitting up 5 more miles and then Friday I will finish the week off with a 4 mile EASY run. I really want to do the interval class that I tried last week, but with how sore I was the next few days after I don’t want to take my chances. No yoga as well, I don’t want to risk pulling something. Just light stretches and a a bag class will be fine 🙂


A while back Rokit Fuel sent me some of their newest energy mixes to sample, I haven’t had the guts to try them until today. Pumpkin Chocolate…HOLY YUM!


This flavor sounds amazing, but not to sure on these directions. Just tear, add water, and squeeze. This would be great if you were camping for sure.


I improvised and decided to try to warm it up for a much smoother texture. Just poured it in a bowl and a little water and popped in the microwave for 1:30.


I added in a little Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt 🙂


With a little Apple Crisp from Saturday night.


Mixed it together and it tasted super yummy! Loved the BIG pumpkin flavor 😉 This would also be great to take with me to Chicago!


Off to work I go. Thank goodness I have a short week 🙂

Question: How many runs do you get in the week before a marathon, triathlon, or some big race??


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